Patient Participation Group

The Harefield Practice - Getting Better Together

As a registered patient of the Harefield Practice you are invited to join the the Harefield PRactice Patient Group. This voluntary group is made up of patients and Practice staff and it aims to help patients to have a better understanding of the Practice, of its staff and their roles.

We also want to:

  • understand any problems encountered by patients in the surgery or through local NHS services
  • listen to any views, issues or priorities that patients may have
  • make the meetings informative and enjoyable
  • devise a questionnaire with the help of the group to distribute to The Harefield Practice patients                                                                                  
  • listen to any ideas or suggestions for the Patient Group

The group holds meetings regularly throughout the year at the practice.

The Practice is keen to extend the Patient Participation Group, so why not come along to discuss your ideas and hear about planned changes.

If you would like to come along to the meeting, or if you have any queries about the Patient Participation Group, then please Click Here to sign up.


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Summary Scores


Month   Positive Negative Neutral
May 2023   89% 5.5% 5.5%
June 2023    84%  16%  0%
 July 2023    90%  3%  7%
 August 2023    85%  12%  3%
 September 2023   86%   8%  6%
 October 2023    81%  13%  7%
 November 2023    92% 7% 5%