Clinics We Offer

COPD, Asthma & Diabetic Clinics

Our practice nurses hold regular diabetes, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma clinics.

Advice from the practice nurses may be obtained at any time by appointment.

Cervical Cytology

Appointments for cervical smears can be arranged with our Practice Nurses.

You’ll receive a letter through the post asking you to make an appointment for a cervical screening test. All women who are registered with a GP are invited for cervical screening:

  • aged 25 to 49 – every three years
  • aged 50 to 64 – every five years
  • over 65 – only women who haven’t been screened since age 50 or those who have recently had abnormal tests

Child Health

Assessment, and advice is carried out by both doctors and health visitors. The key checks are as follows:

  • 6 weeks Developmental check with the doctor.
  • 6 to 9 months Developmental assessment and hearing test with your health visitor.
  • Your health visitor will advise you about further routine checks.

Child Immunisations

You need to be aware of what immunisation your child will need at what age. When your child is due an immunistation please call and book an appointment with a nurse. Please bring with you to the appointment your Personal Child Health Record (red booklet). You will be asked to sign a consent form at the first appointment for any course of children’s immunisations. If you are unable to keep the appointment please let reception know in good time beforehand.

For up to date information on child immunisations please click on the link: Child Immunisations

Family Planning

We offer a contraceptive service during routine appointments with your nurse. Emergency and confidential advice is available at all times.

Please note that for Depo Injections you need to book an appointment within the week before the due date given to you by the nurse. Book in advance so that you can be assured of an appointment in that one week window.

For IUD fittings you will need to contact Uxbridge Family Planning & Sexual Health appointment line on 01895 488890

NHS Health Check

We also offer a NHS Health Check for adults aged 40-74. It’s designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions.

An NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk. Click to find out What Happens at a NHS Health Check.

Health Promotion

Various members of the primary health care team are involved in aspects of health promotion. Topics covered Include:

  • stopping smoking advice
  • dietary advice
  • sexual health
  • mental health
  • advice on alcohol consumption
  • accident prevention
  • exercise

Influenza & Pneumococcal Immunisations

A flu vaccination programme is undertaken between September and December each year. Flu clinics will be advertised nearer the time and invitations sent out where appropriate. Special arrangements are made for those in nursing or long-stay residential homes. We run clinics for both adults and children.

For more information on Influenza and Pneumoccocal Vaccinations please click on the following links:

Please note that children in school years 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 will receive the vaccination at school. Children aged two and three years will need to come to the surgery to receive the vaccination.


Adult Blood Tests: A Phlebotomy Clinic is run from the Practice on a Tuesday and Friday morning every week.  These clinics are mainly for adults however bloods CAN be taken at the Surgery if a patient is over 12 years of age, as long as they are accompanied by an adult up to the age of 18 years.

At Hillingdon Hospital Phlebotomy is located in the annex corridor on the lower ground floor at the rear of the hospital.  At Mount Vernon Hospital, Phlebotomy is located in the pathology building (next to the postgraduate centre).  Both departments operate a walk-in service, so no appointment is required.  However this does sometimes lead to delays at the busiest times.  The Hillingdon clinic and Mount Vernon clinic are open Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm.  Please note that both department's doors close at 4pm so that staff can process any patients who are already there.  If a patient arrives after 4pm, they will not be seen by the clinic and will have to return on another day.

Children’s Blood Tests:  There is now a local Community Paediatric Phlebotomy Service for children ages from 2-18 years.  Appointments are booked by the receptionists at the Practice.   There are four sites which are as follows (PLEASE NOTE WHICH SITE YOU HAVE BEEN BOOKED IN AT):

  • The Carepoint Practice, Northwood Health Centre, Neal Close, Northwood, HA6 1TQ (Tel: 01923 820866)
  • The Cedar Brook Practice, 11 Kingshill Close, Hayes, UB4 8DD (Tel: 0208 845 7100)
  • The Medical Centre, 6 The Green, West Drayton, UB7 7PJ (Tel: 01895 442026)
  • The High Street Practice, 20 High Street, West Drayton, UB7 7DP (Tel: 01895 422292)

Children’s blood tests (Under Age 2 years ) they will need an appointment at the Wendy Ward, Hillingdon Hospital. 

Shared Care - The practice also provides drug monitoring by blood testing.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you are Under 25 years of age contact the Uxbridge Family Planning & Sexual Health appointment line on 01895 488890

If you are Over 25 years of age contact the Tudor Centre on 01895 27953

Maternity Care

Our community midwife provides full maternity care for our patients in conjunction with the doctors. She also runs antenatal clinics.

She may be contacted via the Hillingdon Hospital switchboard on 01895 238282.