Do you need help with translations during your consultations? If so, with advance notice, we are able to book a telephone  interpreter.

Please make the Receptionist aware stating which language you require, when you book your appointment. 

Hearing Difficulties?

Signing Service

We support our patients who have deafness, tinnitus or hearing loss and, with notice, we can book a signing interpreter.

If you would find it helpful to have the assistance of an signing interpreter, please make the Receptionist aware when an appointment is booked at the Surgery.

Hillingdon Talking Therapies Webinar Series

Have the events of the past year impacted your mental health?
Do you struggle with low mood or anxiety?
Are you feel stressed and finding it hard to motivate yourself during lockdown?
Join our webinar series to learn ways to relax, improve your mood, manage your worries
and improve your sleep. To register your interest please call us on 01895 206800 or email
us at


Wednesday 26th May (12-1pm)
Relaxation and a good night’s sleep in a daily routine is so important for our minds to function effectively and for our bodies to re-energise. Learn
different relaxation techniques and how to practice good sleep hygiene.

Wednesday 9th June (12-1pm)
Learn ways to reduce and control your worries. Worry can be helpful when it spurs us into action, but when it becomes excessive it can significantly increase our anxiety and affect our focus.

Wednesday 23rd June (12-1pm)
The past year has meant we haven’t been able to see our loved ones as normal. Isolation has been difficult and rebuilding those connections can create anxiety. Learn ways to re-connect with others to help improve your mood.

Wednesday 14th July (12-1pm)
Our minds can often get caught up worrying about the past and the future. Mindfulness can help brings our minds into the present, helping to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, providing opportunities to have more enjoyable moments.

Wednesday 28th July (12-1pm)
Develop your own personal toolbox of different skills and techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help lift your mood, reduce your anxiety, manage your stress and build your motivation.